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Being a full-time developer; when I am not creating fun things for the web, I'm a Dad of two future gamers, a husband to an amazing wifey, and a casual roleplay streamer.

I first started streaming right after JustinTV became Twitch. I was focused more on Esports and Smite at that time. I was even a Team Manager for a competive team in the Smite Community.

When my wife had our first baby boy, I hung up the hat on managing a team and streaming all together. In 2017, I decided to get back into streaming because I found myself enjoying single player games and wanted to still "hang out with friends" while playing them. So, I decided to stream on Twitch. Later in that year, the Affiliate Program was created. I became Affiliate within the first couple of waves and enjoyed streaming to anyone that wanted to stop by.

I started out being variety. I streamed anything from FPS to heavy story driven games. I think I played pretty much ALL TellTale games too! As of 2020, I fine tuned my focus on what type of games I stream. I have found a love in roleplay and have been having a blast roleplaying in games like Red Dead Redemption 2 and Grant Theft Auto V. It was at this time, I realized just how happy I became when creating this kind of content and sharing it with all of you.

Early 2020, I had decided to pursue my content creation into a broader realm of platforms. In doing so, I dropped from the Twitch Affiliate program so I could share my content with as many people, through as many platforms that I chose. I was very excited to reach more people and newer audiences as I focused on this new direction in my streaming journey.

Recently, as of late 2021, live streaming became very hard to keep up due to many of my other responsibilities. So, I have refocused my content creation to YouTube videos portraying my roleplay characters' experiences (as time allows).

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